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For access for summit attendees only. The list is made available to enable delegates to network and collaborate during the Summit. The password to access the list will be provided by the event organisers and will be removed shortly after the Summit.

If you have any questions/ would like to amend your contact details please contact seville@icde.org

About the Summit

Organized by International Council for Open and Distance Education, ICDE, Open Education Consortium, OEC, the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, MESRI, and the Ministry of National Education and Youth, MENJ, of France.

Hosted by: MESRI, by Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers, Le CNAM

Save the Dates: 3 – 4 December 2018, Paris, France

Open Education Leadership Website Description

Participants: Leaders on all levels of online learning and open education at higher education institutions, leaders from organizations, companies, and agencies engaged in advocating for and leading adoption of open, governmental senior officials and newcomers to Open, who are looking to lead. Registration has sought to balance representation across all four groups and ensure global diversity with representation from Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania, and South America.

Program Description: This will be an innovative interactive event. Participants should come prepared to actively engage in hands-on activities, personal networking, and knowledge exchange.

The Open Education Leadership Summit will have two parallel concurrent strands of activities - 1. thematic keynotes and 2. roadmap creation. Participants can move back and forth between the two strands based on their interests but over the course of the 2-day Summit everyone is expected to create a roadmap of their own open education initiative and contribute to regional roadmaps.

  1. Thematic Keynotes

One strand of Summit activities will be a series of thematic keynotes and discussions including:

  • Different forms of open education including Open Educational Resources (OER), MOOCs, Open Access, Open Science, Open Data and Open Source Software and Hardware

  • Emerging open education opportunities including OER recommendations, blockchain, micro-skills, and open badges

  • The commons of education - general, legal, norms and roles including that of teachers' associations

  • Open education and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

  • Growth, sustainability, policy, and business models

2. Roadmap Creation

A second strand engages participants in hands-on development of a roadmap representing their own open education initiative. Roadmaps will depict different dimensions of open education initiatives including what open education assets are being created or used, who the people and community involved are, what operational processes and sustainability approaches are being used, and what benefits or value propositions are being achieved. Roadmaps will start with what an open education initiative currently has and then map out plans for the next two years. Plans can include ideas that come from the thematic keynotes.

Open education involves sharing and reuse. In the process of creating a roadmap participants will be asked to identify what they have in their own open education initiative that others could use and what they need that could be provided by others. Sharing and reuse could involve resources, people or communities, strategies, research results, and even value generated in the form of outcomes. Personal networking activities will engage participants in an open education exchange of giving and receiving. Individual roadmaps will be used as the basis for creating regional roadmaps.

The Summit aims to produce a set of outputs including:

  • Images of individual roadmaps and accompanying audio or video narratives describing them.

  • Synthesis of contributions made to regional roadmaps including the contributions from individual roadmaps and the potential for coordination and integration of separate open education initiatives into larger regional ones.

  • Analysis of roadmaps to identify common themes, challenges, and opportunities.

  • Strategic recommendations for how to accelerate the implementation of open education globally and achieve more through collaboration.


Key Information


3. - 4. December 2018


Le Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers (Le CNAM), 292 Rue Saint-Martin, 75003 Paris, France




OELS 2018 Participants Attending Open Education Berlin (OEB)

The outputs of the Open Education Leadership Summit developed in Paris will be presented two days after the Summit at the OEB Conference in Berlin by the OELS18 team. If you participate in OEB after OELS18, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • a warm welcome on the French Higher Education stand (B40) at OEB hosted by AUNEGE, UNIT, the Ministry for Higher Education, Research and Innovation, and HEC Paris,

  • a specific discount (14.5%) for OEB conference fees linked to the French Higher Education participation

  • an evening welcome reception at OEB on December 6th for OELS18 participants, French delegates and European partners

View the draft OEB Conference Session here.

Practical Information


As part of the roadmapping exercise to take place over this the two day Open Education Leadership Summit, Programme Committee Member, Paul Stacey, Executive Director, Open Education Consortium has recorded a series of short Roadmap Facilitator Guide videos explaining the roadmap creation process.

Programme And Speakers

The Open Education Leadership Summit will have two parallel concurrent strands of activities:  1. thematic panel presentations and 2. roadmap creation.

Summit Sessions Live-Stream and Recording Links

A large number of organisations and individuals have shown interest in attending the summit.

Some, however are unable to attend. To support our international colleagues the Summit organisers are preparing to record some of the summit.

About the Hosts

ICDE is teaming up with OEC and the French Ministry for Higher Education and Research to organize the annual Leadership Summit as the Open Education Leadership Summit 2018 on 3-4 December in Paris, hosted by Le Conservatoire des Arts et Métiers (CNAM).

TRAVEL, Hotel, and Visa Arrangements

Information on hotels in Paris and visa applications. 




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